my dream house

i am a kind of person that have many dreams for reach.
one of mine is own a strange house and locate in somewhere i need to be.
where is different from place and country i live in now..

at first, i want to own a beautiful white house near lake or mountains
that i can spend my happiness during springtime.
but i found later that i fall in love with textures, antique and vintage !
i think everything can be perfect with textures.

more than for that, i’d love to see the fairytale gardens
when i take couple’s eyes out of my bedroom’s windows.
because it’ll inspire me in many ways  (:

4-5 months ago, i found 100 abandoned houses
and also found my dream house’s style there.

i told few people that i’ll buy a house i love in this website,
if i am a millionaire or have a large amount of money
but the time passed, i think i’ll creat my own in the way like these
and i’ll appreciate it more than these !



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