last sunday

3 days ago, i asked P’ Bo will he free or not on sunday because i’ll come to see him and his girlfriend ; P’ Belle.
he said like, tomorrow (last sunday) he have to be a fashion photographer for his girlfriend’s works.
and he asked me if i’d like to join. then i said okay even i didn’t know how much i can help them ! ; p

pity that i didn’t pick my camera out with me on sunday. 
first thing i saw at P’ Bo’s house is P’ Belle’s sewing her clothes haha
that’s the thing i usually see !

i didn’t expect before that i have to sewing : (
anyway it’s such a lovely day that belong with sis and bro, meet new people and old friend.
therefore i won’t forget it sure !

P’ Bo looked enjoy about his interesting work but P’ Belle looked nervous sometimes
because it seemed has some problem. and of course she’s tired for it all.
nevertheless it’s done perfectly !

when i arrived home, i imagined like if i have to create some fashion photoghraphy.
what would i’d like my work be?



left top :  simply things come out with the lonely feeling
left bottom : film feeling belong the light shine on in lovely mode
right top : daydream feeling like we’re going out of the propably thing
middle : beautiful shadow and light in some private places
right bottom : fairytale characters showing up with their stories


Prop and Place

left top :  antique print wallpaper
middle : little tattoo or painting on skin
left bottome : vintage jewelry and stuffs
right top : flowers field !
right bottom : : arounding by trees and fresh nature

all the sisters and brothers,
i love you too : )



  1. first of all, thans for your comment…
    i find your blog very inspiring
    all the things you pick are simply beautiful

    p.d: nice galley on flickr!

  2. i love those days, where you just spent the entire day with your bro and sis, friends and loved ones. a very special day 🙂 next time remember your camera!

  3. found you from the facebook page..
    i like your blog. we have many things in common
    maybe in this post, same feeling of photography i love
    nice to know 🙂

    and sorry, are you gonna be a ceramic design student at chula?

  4. very nice photography,Somephotos in your blog is simply but very charm too. I love your photos’s felling and your blog have some inspiring for me 😀

    PS. don’t be serious about you lovely mistake, that fine 🙂 thanks for your vitsited

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