some point of view

if i can choose the pattern of human for learn, i’d love to choose something like these much more than the old manikins.
those we always see in the shelf of any art center.

how wonderful it is, if your drawing skill was show by the face of an interesting model like Mathias Lauridsen !
his face and scar always be perfect in my point of view  🙂

anyway this Kraup’s face is an interesting one too..

about 2 days ago..
me and P’ae went out for help one of our brothers (P’ maew) to paint the wall.
at first he didn’t tell me and P’ae anything, like where are we going ? or what we gonna do ?

we found Belle at her family’s furniture shop ; his girlfriend and she is our friend too.
Belle’s shopas know as PAPAZAAN and located at Homepro Rachapruek,
there be fulled by beautiful and gorgeous rattan handmade furnitures.

if you’d love to see your house perfect by vintage or sweet look, please don’t be late to own some PAPAZAAN !
when i can own my dream house, it sure is you can found some there. 🙂


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