happy songkran festival and happy Thai new year.
war isn’t over in my country. fuck off the red and threesome.
Mr. Shinawattra, please go to the fucking hell !

now i live in Samui Island, my grandma’s hometown.
the weather is really hot and very sunny.

strange places and faces never make me fear. i have many friends in common but few are the best.
anyway i’m really love to being alone and be quiet if i have something to do,
i’ll do care about clamful. art, it can down my temper when i’m impatient and lost control.

i found few people, whom always talkative about nonsense stories all the time.
they love to discuss another people that have been join even one point in their life.
i know girls and gay were born with gossip but we can choose about what we should slander or we shouldn’t.
i hate the type of people like this, because i’ll never know about how frank or fake they are.
and when i disappear from them, i won’t know will they damn me down or won’t ?

moreover i don’t know why my life always meets people like these.  : (



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