new things (:


while inside Bangkok is dangerous, my house is so calm and natural.
there’re new members were born on my mango tree, my grandma found them. 
we’re looking forward to hear this lovely couple sing Jib Jib someday  (: 

last morning, me and mom aimed to Nakornpathom with my dyed hairs.
all for shot my 1 inch photography in new uniform : )

i love there, where i’ve been live and grew up.
almost of my education life are there, Nakornpathom..

so i came to my dorm for see my room.
it’s white, bright, calm and a little bit vintage.
ohh i love it and i’m gonna decorate it soon : D 

i love today, it rains (:



  1. welcome to vichidtra 🙂
    ืnow i know where u stay can’t escape sorm-nong laew la haha;)

    see u then,
    we didn’t know each other la! ;p

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