bird and birds


the previous i’ve been told there’re two little birds live.
but now you know what ! we had lost one 😦
when a pity bird fell down to the ground then my suck dog killed it.
mom’s bird was cry loudly, so we felt very sad.
it happened about 2 days ago..

we still sad untill today. last morning, the last one fly out of the nest.
and jumped to the garage. we almost lost it but i can keep a bird’s live.
in the evening i found the nest is empty..

they’ve all gone away.
wish they luck : )

anyway there’s a black bird was killed by the old dog.
when black bird took a shower in my big blow.
i really angry on my suck dog untill now and maybe tomorrow : (

” No one is free, even the birds are chain to the sky. ”
,Bob Dylan said that.


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