today and few days ago..


last tuesday,  the wind strom got in here.
then we struck in the rain’s time for 4-5 hours.
my friend lost her slipper, it aparted from each other..
we found the wind blow it on 5 floor and the rest is the first floor.
so funny and wonder (:

cats at my dorm are very lovely..
one is very naughty and ready to advanture.
but brown is a little bit frightened with the strenge place.
they always come to visit my balcony !
today is fucking bore and the sun is fucking hot.
i met a group of Arts student that very selfish (they learn about art of words) not art like mine).
they made me annoyed and late the english class.
so today is almost my fucking day ):

my mom’s waiting me below my dorm.
i have to go for come back my home ~
goodbye (:


One comment

  1. i HATE arts girl! not all of them but mostly

    cats at our dorm are so annoying to me
    they screams for almost a hour at night
    i need to sleep not the cat’s opera show!!

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