survey of happiness :)

i got 4 days journey for back into the history of my country, started thursday’s morning.
this trip is a part of  Survey of Thai Arts, a subject in my 1st year scheduler.

we ; Ceramics and Visual Communication Design students and our bosses.
there’re almost 80 persons on this trip.
Sukhothai, Kamphangpetch, Najornsawan and Pisanulok,
those’re montage of modern and history.

i can said frankly that it’s 4 days of happiness and take a rest !
cold wind in the morning, warm tone in the late morning
and sunny in the day time. it’s okay but i’d like colder.

this’s one my favorite places, Sathorn Gold Silk at Hard Siew, Sujkothai.
there’s full of vintage stuffs stated for show and the best of all is Deer horn !
many kinds of deer. all are so very inspiring me.

my teacher, he’s so very special.
just like dad, everybody loves him fucking much ! : )


One comment

  1. heyy i think it was the same gallery that i used to go
    Gold Silk at Sukhothai right?
    i had an inspiration from the cloth there called Pha Lhor
    and devoloping to become jewelry in my Thai Style project:)

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