pecha kucha bangkok 09 !

last saturday, i got a chance to come an event.
pecha kucha bangkok 09 ! พลังลบ ! / ลบ ลบ = บวก /
it’s all about negative powerful that can changes thing to be positive.

i got many impulsions to change my thing and edit my thought.
thanks for every speaker and creator, you made my day : )
spookey atomic computer & happy band also there, they always cool !

one more thought that i got is come from mr. Jekky : )
he said ” Delete E(GO), you will GO and get GOAL ”

yes,  it’s up ! every human already had his own.
and the stated you were can fill you up more EGO.
it can’t show you will be great or not.

it’s all about how much you can let it GO. ~

Ms. Nutjrus, Editor of Computer Arts Thailand.
she talked about 20 things that she lost between her life’s journey.
it’s negative but she thought it can be positive. how cute !

negative or positive, it’s not too far different, it can reversible.
so it’s up will we do or won’t ??!



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